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Online Selling of Mobile Phones and Smart-phones

Tecnosell has a proven experience in online selling (it has been for years on important marketplaces such as Amazon with an average rating of 4.9 and E-Bay as "Top Sellers”) of mobile phones and smart-phones from top brands such as Apple, Asus, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Lg,  Samsung and many others.


All information on warranty of our  smart-phones and tablets is provided by our Customer Service. It may occur that the same product is available in ITALIAN and EUROPEAN version, so customers can choose the preferred one.


Tecnosell cares about the quality of each product and does not have any refurbished or fake products. Each item box is checked in every part before shipment.


Tecnosell ensures the safest purchase experience to all its customers.



  • product quality;
  • a safe payment that is entrusted to the safe platform Paypal;
  • best prices ever as a result of a careful research on quality/price relationship and of a high percentage of orders;
  • a fast shipment because each product is processed and dispatched within 24 hours after order;
  • availability and kindness of our Customer Service in following purchasers during the purchase;
  • highest information transparency as it can be found in every product sheet indicating the main features for every smart-phone and where information on network specifications (when they depend on external factors such as country etc.) are redirected to the manufacture's web site, so that customers may have no doubt on the purchased model;
  • management of returned products is carried out in accordance  with regulations in force in matter of online selling.